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VINshield VIN Etching Really Works!
Protect your car with VIN etch

VIN Etching (also known as VIN etch or glass etching) is the permanent etching of the federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) into all the major glass areas on a car or truck. Once your vehicle is protected by VIN etch it is much more immune to theft than ever before!

Cars and trucks are stolen by professional thieves for one of two reasons, either for resale or for parts. VIN Etching (also known as VINetch or VINetching) effectively deters the theft of the vehicle for resale because it is very costly to alter its VIN since all the glass must be replaced. Also, buyers of stolen vehicles will not risk getting caught with VIN etch marked cars and trucks because the VIN etched window glass is great physical evidence in court. Theft of the vehicle by a chop shop for parts is also deterred because no thief wants all your glass around the shop with the incriminating VIN etched on every piece. The etching does not change the appearance of the car at all. In fact you can hardly see it, but the police and the thieves know right where to look and that is what counts. So, the thief merely looks for a vehicle without VIN etching protection to steal.

There is no doubt that VIN etching (VINetching) really does deter auto theft. VIN etching is recommended by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States as an effective auto theft deterrent. Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington have laws providing for insurance discounts on cars with VIN etched windows. More and more states are sure to follow suit as public awareness of this important passive security system grows. In fact, many insurance companies have already started to give discounts to their policyholders that own VIN etch protected cars.